Pizza Parlor Menu Additions : round table pizza

Round Table Pizza is committed to enhancing its menu offerings with the arrival of the new Crispy Mini Pepperoni & Bacon Italiano Pizza and Churro Twists.

The first of the two additions, the savory Crispy Mini Pepperoni & Bacon Italiano Pizza, features crispy mini pepperoni and savory bacon harmoniously layered over zesty red sauce, complemented by a tantalizing trio of cheeses – mozzarella, smoked provolone, and cheddar.

On the sweet side, the Churro Twists offer a warm and delicious fusion of cinnamon and sugar and caramel dipping sauce. Consumers can choose between three, six, and twelve-count sizes. ‘

“We are excited to kick off the year with offerings that hit the spot from an innovation perspective,” says Lisa Davidson, Senior Director of Culinary Innovation at Round Table Pizza. “New York Style Inspired Crust continues to grow in popularity with consumers and with our pizza dough made-from-scratch daily, our pizza is only that much more crave-worthy. To top it all off, our Churro Twists enhance our menu with a new flavor profile, adding a level of sweetness that is right on trend.”

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