Pink denies waving Israeli flags at concert, receives death threats


During Pink’s recent performance, her dancers waved blue and white fabrics on stage as part of the show. Unfortunately, some members of the pro-Palestinian audience mistakenly believed that the singer was waving Israeli flags in support of the Jewish people after a tragic event on October 7.

As a result, Pink faced harsh criticism and even received threats on her life.

‘Breathing has become controversial’

However, she set the record straight, stating, “This post may be controversial for some of you. Breathing has become controversial. People mistakenly believe that I waved Israeli flags at my concert, but I did not. We have been using these blue and white flags since the beginning of this tour.”

Pink went on to explain that these flags have been used for many years by the Māori people (indigenous people of Aotearoa/New Zealand) and that she finds them beautiful, which is why they are incorporated into her show. She emphasized that she does not wave flags in support of any particular group other than the rainbow flag, as she believes in peace, equality, and love.

This post will be controversial for some. At this point, breathing is controversial. I am getting many threats because people mistakenly believe I am flying Israeli flags in my show. I am not. I have been using Poi flags since the beginning of this tour. These were used many,…

— P!nk (@Pink) October 16, 2023

Expressing her sadness over the current global situation, Pink stated, “I am praying for all of us.” Despite the misconception surrounding the use of the fabrics, Pink remains committed to spreading a message of unity and understanding through her music and performances.

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