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Someone’s getting coal in their stocking, because Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Patrick Beverley is turning into a real-life Grinch. Earlier this week on the Pat Bev Podcast the 34-year-old, three-time All-Defense Team member told listeners that he has already informed his kids that Santa Claus isn’t real. BAH HUMBUG!

Beverley has four children — two boys, two girls. According to reports, the age of Beverley’s eldest child, daughter Adlaia, is uncertain, but it is rumored that she was born in 2007, very close to Beverley’s eldest son’s — Everett — birthday, May 10, 2007. It’s safe to assume both Adlaia and Everett were already aware of the cruel reality of Kris Kringle’s non-existence. Beverley’s other children are reportedly seven and four, although that is not confirmed. Not much is known about Beverley’s personal life. They definitely believed in St. Nick. They were probably the ones who’d try to stay up late and catch Santa coming down the chimney. They were in all likelihood, the most excited for Christmas every year. But Beverley just couldn’t let that excitement slide.

“Them presents y’all getting ain’t from Santa, that s—t’s from me,” Beverley said on the show. YEESH! Talk about letting them know gently. I doubt Beverley really broke the news to his kids like this, but if he did, my word. I don’t know how a young kid, so full of Christmas spirit, would respond.

According to Bev, after he informed his son of the news, “It looked like I killed him, or something…He was destroyed.” YOU THINK? You just shattered his entire world. His entire belief system for his favorite holiday just went down the drain, reduced to atoms, obliterated. All the jolly feelings he once had for Christmas, because he believed there was someone out in the world willing to give presents to everyone in the world have vanished. Now, he’s under the impression that nobody is willing to do something nice for everyone on December 25th.

Beverley took pleasure in this action too, relishing in the fact that he told his kids that he’s also eating the food they leave out for Santa every year. Beverley has even gone as far as to give requests for specific beverages, opting for soda over milk the last few years for dietary reasons. Beverley told his friends on the podcast all of this with an enormous grin on his face. I understand not indulging in tradition, but come on man, at least feel a little bad about it.

Let kids believe in fantasies. After all, Pat Bev, you clearly believe you deserve a roster spot in the NBA after averaging 4.2 points per game on 27.1 percent shooting in 18 games this year. I kid of course, but man, the Grinch really hit Beverley hard. I hope one day his heart grows three sizes and he can avoid spoiling the fun for any other children, or grandchildren, in his lifetime.

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