Paper-Made Porridge Packaging : Quaker porridge pots

Quaker porridge pots are now being packaged in paper-made packaging in the UK to help allow for greater recycling and to give the brand a more eco-friendly edge. The packaging will be rolling out across the brand’s entire range of pots and will communicate its recyclable profile to consumers with writing right on the upper section. The packaging also showcases the product’s various nutritional value with information about fiber and protein positioned front and center.

Quaker Oats UK General Manager at PepsiCo Divesh Parmar spoke further on the updated Quaker porridge pots saying, “With Gen Z and Millennial shoppers seeking convenient yet tasty breakfasts, the packaging changes will aim to appeal to this audience as data shows that 48% of Quaker pot consumers are from this demographic. We’re excited to bring this new packaging to market across our Quaker porridge pots range, and this is another step on our journey towards more sustainable packaging for our oats.”

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