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DS Smith, a global packaging leader, has undertaken an innovative approach by crafting new packaging solutions for Versuni’s Phillips home appliance product range. In a collaborative effort to promote sustainability, DS Smith and Versuni are actively working on eliminating single-use protection buffers made from EDF plastics within their packaging. These new paper-based packages will house a selection of versatile home appliances, including the Air fryer, Espresso Machine with Latte Go, Stream Iron 3000 series, Air Purifier, and Cordless Vacuum 800 series, all under the Phillips brand.

“Our purpose as a business is to Redefine Packaging for a Changing World and we can only do this in partnership, so it is enormously encouraging to see a company such as Versuni proactively work with us towards a more circular economy. We are so proud to help them achieve this,” said Wouter van Tol, head of sustainability, DS Smith.

Image Credit: DS Smith

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