Papaya introduces The Winning Challenge


Papaya is launching the “Winning Challenge” initiative, a community platform that enables participants to participate in a prize-winning challenge competition. The initiative helps relieve stress for children and families evacuated from their homes in the Gaza envelope. Many families were evicted from their homes in Netiv Ha’asara, Zikim, and Ofakim and are housed in hotels throughout the country.

The families of the Gaza envelope settlements are invited to register and receive a kit from Papaya containing the necessary materials to complete the challenges. Each day, Papaya sends tournament participants two fun challenges, including an instructional video from the company. The activity is divided into different age ranges in order to maintain an enjoyable competitive atmosphere.

“Winning Challenge” initiative (Credit: Papaya)

The host of the project is Yogev Malka, finalist of the fourth season and winner of the fifth season of “Ninja Israel,” in which he was crowned the 20th Ninja in the world and the second in Israel. He will personally distribute the prizes to children and families.

In the early days of the war, Papaya pitched in to help and volunteer for the effort, supplying dozens of kits with essential equipment to the IDF fighters. In addition, the company’s employees and managers volunteered for the security forces and are helping farmers in the south to preserve agricultural areas and continue the activity even today.

Oriel Bachar, founder and CEO of Papaya: “During this complex period, Papaya decided to develop a special activity for Israeli families in the Gaza envelope and the home front, who today need togetherness more than ever. Fortunately, competitions and games can bring respite and a smile. Three hundred participants who have already taken part in the project told of moments of happiness that managed to help them forget the complex reality for a moment. We hope that with future tournaments, we can help raise morale for additional citizens who need a break.”

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