Oversized 90s Pizzas : The Big New Yorker.

Those who are hungry for a taste of nostalgia will find themselves satisfied with a returning favorite from Pizza Hut, the famous 16” New York-style pizza called The Big New Yorker. This iconic pizza is making a return to participating Pizza Hut restaurants after a 24-year absence but it will only remain for a limited time.

The fan-favorite pizza from the 90s takes the form of an extra-large pizza with six oversized, foldable slices with a crispy crust. With marinara sauce and Parmesan oregano seasoning, the pizza reminds of authentic New York pizzeria recipes.

Before the New York-style pizza returns to Pizza Hut menus at participating restaurants across the nation as of February 1st, Hut Rewards members will get exclusive access to try the Big New Yorker starting January 31st.

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