One of the World’s Largest Engines become a Hydrogen Power Plant


Infograph explaining the 5 steps to decarbonise the enery industryThe pure hydrogen Wärtsilä 31H2 engine.  Wärtsilä

One of the world’s largest engines becomes a completely carbon-free hydrogenpower plant.

Using sustainable fuels to power the energy systems is the last step towards decarbonization. Wärtsilä’s hydrogen engine power plant is a major move towards achieving net zero and a fully renewable energy future.

Wärtsilä’s hydrogen power plant solutions offer completely carbon-free power generation.

The core of Wärtsilä’s hydrogen-ready engine power plant is the Wärtsilä 31 engine platform, the world’s most efficient engine of its kind, with over a million operational hours in the field. It is versatile and capable of running on both hydrogen and natural gas.

Wartsila Energy Hydrogen power plant

Wärtsilä 31H2 engine hydrogen power plant solution.  Wärtsilä

The initial products will be the 100% hydrogen-ready natural gas Wärtsilä 31SG-H2 engine and the pure hydrogen Wärtsilä 31H2 engine.

Wärtsilä’s hydrogen power plant solutions will be available for tendering in 2025 and delivery in 2026.

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