Noise-Reducing Broadcast Microphones : rycote

Rycote introduces the new BD-10 Figure-of-8 pencil microphone and HC-35 Long Shotgun microphone, both intended for film production, sports broadcasting, and field recording.

The BD-10 Figure-of-8 pencil microphone stands out for its meticulous design tailored for field recording, emphasizing ambient sounds and dialogues. It has a capsule design and an integrated suspension system that reduces handling and movement noises. Meanwhile, the HC-35 Long Shotgun caters to the demands of sports broadcasts, expansive outdoor shots, and scripted TV dialogues. This microphone offers off-axis rejection for noise reduction.

“Our team worked diligently to not only deliver exceptional sound and accurate reproduction but also to establish an attractive and competitive market position—a differentiator that truly sets us apart,” said Bjorn Rennemo-Henriksen, audio sales senior director.

Image Credit: Rycote

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