Noa Kirel raises nearly $30 million for IDF in war effort


Israeli singer Noa Kirel finished her series of conferences together with the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces (FIDF) throughout the USA, during which $29.5 million was donated to the IDF. 

With the help of the donated money during these times, many ambulances and mobile operating rooms have been purchased that will save lives. 

FIDF’s total donations are reportedly expected to reach $100 million.

The Ben Yosef family and Kirel organized the evenings to salute to IDF soldiers of the FIDF organization, which were attended by philanthropists and influential businessmen in the US economy.

Kirel to return to Israel

Kirel is expected to arrive in Israel next Monday to participate in a special fundraiser, of which the money raised will be transferred directly to the residents of the south and to the rehabilitation of the settlements that were affected by the murderous terrorist attack by Hamas.

DRAPED IN THE Israeli flag, Noa Kirel performs ‘Hatikvah’ at Barclays Center before the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets played Maccabi Ra’anana last week. (credit: Am Israel Chai)

Kirel will perform a special acoustic performance of the song “Unicorn”, with which she represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest, together with the musicians of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. The performance will be broadcasted live from the Charles Bronfman Auditorium in Tel Aviv.

Kirel had also recently performed last week in New York City in honor of those who were murdered on the October  massacre. Kirel performed Hatikvah draped in an Israeli flag at Barclays Center before the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets played Maccabi Ra’anana of the Israeli National League on October 12. 

Hannah Brown and Jerusalem Post Staff contributed to this report.

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