New Israeli airline ‘Air Haifa’ to launch next year – report


The Transportation Ministry recently approved “Air Haifa,” a new Israeli airline that is slated to open in 2024, according to a Monday report by N12.

The new airline will initiate its operations starting with commercial flights to Eilat, Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey at the beginning of next year. Flights will operate from Haifa Airport to these destinations.

The announcement was made following reports months ago that stated the price of flights from Haifa to Cyprus were almost twice as high compared to the prices of flights from Tel Aviv on that route. The new airline’s opening into the market is expected to cause a drop in the prices of flights to these destinations.

Airline was announced after local airport resumes flights

Haifa Airport had just resumed international flights in June after a four-year hiatus – just a few months before “Air Haifa” opening.

Commercial flights there had already been traveling to Cyprus for six days a week. The flight schedule from Haifa is planned until the end of October.

Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Flights into Cyprus will land in Paphos or Larnaca depending on the day of the flight.

Yoav Etiel/Walla contributed to this report.

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