National Victory: New tenders for commerce and employment in Ashkelon


The Israel Land Authority has recently unveiled an online public tender, allowing interested parties to purchase lease rights for nine commercial and employment lots in Ashkelon, also known as Wine City. These plots are part of the larger “7 Wine City Complex” program, situated in the northern section of the Ashkelon Beach Regional Council, covering an area of approximately 420 hectares (1,040 acres).

The development plan of the complex encompasses a residential district with approximately 11,466 units, showcasing an average construction density of up to 170 units per hectare. Out of these units, 3,439 apartments are designated for rental purposes. The construction mix includes buildings ranging from 14 to 16 floors, as well as low-density structures with spacious 5-6 room garden apartments.

An integral feature of the plan is the creation of the unique Wine City Park, intended to serve as an urban catalyst. By increasing supply and demand for the city, this park aims to enhance the well-being of residents and attract regional and national tourism. Moreover, the plan offers a blend of residential and commercial spaces (approximately 14 hectares), public buildings (around 36 ha), commerce and offices (approximately 0.3 ha), road infrastructure (covering about 182 ha), open spaces (roughly 89 ha), and industrial and commercial zones (spanning approximately 36 ha).


Train station, employment zones

Additionally, the plan proposes the establishment of a new train station along the eastern border, adjacent to the railroad. This station will play a crucial role in the transportation center, featuring commercial areas and a central bus station.

The northeastern employment zone forms part of a broader array of employment zones situated in the eastern section of Ashkelon, near Highway 4. Its purpose is to provide services and employment opportunities to the city’s residents, as well as those in the surrounding towns and settlements. The proposed complex covers an area of approximately 80 ha, extending east of the railroad, north of the planned employment area in the 6th complex, south of Menachem Begin Road, and west of the residential neighborhood.

Interested parties must submit their proposals by noon, January 29, 2024. It is essential for bidders to stay updated on any changes to the tender by regularly visiting the Israel Lands Authority website until the closing date. Participation in the tender requires prior registration on the “Government is available” website.

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