Musical Duo-Approved Canned Teas : Novo Fogo ENERGIA

The Novo Fogo ENERGIA canned tea drinks have been created in collaboration with musical duo SOFI TUKKER who are also co-owners of the brand and global ambassadors for the refreshments. The new drinks are named after the musical duo’s track ENERGIA and are crafted with a non-alcoholic recipe that puts Brazilian mate tea in the spotlight. The drinks come in two flavors including Original and Passion Fruit, which are both effervescent, have between 42 and 71mg of natural caffeine and 30-calories or less.

SOFI TUKKER spoke on the new Novo Fogo ENERGIA canned tea drinks saying, “We have a lot in common with Novo Fogo – we share a core love of Brazil, fun, and environmentalism. This partnership works because Novo Fogo is so much more than cachaça and spirits; they promote a balanced lifestyle and are a powerful rainforest preservation steward, and we’re enthusiastic participants in the reforestation project The Un-Endangered Forest™.”

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