Muse 2 sleep, meditation smart headband is 20% off in new sale



Noisy neighbors, stress from work or your personal life, and an inability to quiet your thoughts at night can all contribute to a lack of sleep, thereby impacting your well-being and productivity during the day. 

If you’re looking for a solution, consider the Muse 2 meditation and sleep headband, a device designed to help you fight stress. The Muse 2, bundled with a subscription, is currently available with a 26% discount off the typical RRP — reducing the price from $345 to $260.

The Muse 2 premium subscription bundle includes the Muse 2 multi-sensor headband and a year’s worth of the company’s subscription service. 

The 2nd-gen headband monitors your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and more to give personalized feedback on reducing stress levels and improving focus throughout the day. In addition, the headband includes a smart fade feature to help wearers sleep. 

The subscription service provides access to over 500 meditations.

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The e-coupon HOLIDAY22 should be applied at checkout. If you want the headband before Christmas, you will need to order the Muse 2 by December 15.

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