Murder of Guatemalan Trade Union Leader Anastacio Tzib Caal


The United States condemns the June 15 murder of the recently elected secretary general of the Guatemalan trade union at the Texpia II garment factory, Anastacio Tzib Caal. We extend our sympathies to his family, friends, and the Texpia II workers’ union during this difficult time. The United States supports all efforts by the Guatemalan authorities to hold the perpetrators accountable and to ensure workers can exercise their rights safely.

Worker rights are a fundamental part of a functioning democracy. Labor activists should never have to fear for their lives. The United States will continue to support and advocate for freedom of association and the rights of workers to organize around the world. Attacks on Guatemalan trade unionists limit the prospect of economic development for Guatemala and undermine human rights in our global supply chains. The United States remains committed to supporting workers’ rights in Guatemala through our programs and engagement with Guatemalan authorities. In addition to worker rights, the United States supports security efforts more broadly, which enable everyone to live without fear of violence.

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