More measles cases diagnosed in Tel Aviv


A total of nine cases of measles cases were discovered in Tel Aviv last month, according to the Health Ministry, whose epidemiologists found a connection among all of them. Although those infected were considered mild cases with a rash and fever, the virus is very contagious and may lead to severe and even life-threatening complications. 

The ministry continues to carry out an epidemiological investigation and to look for those who were in contact with the sick patients to check whether they had received the protective vaccine against the disease.

Contact your doctor if you have symptoms 

If symptoms of fever and headache appear followed a few days later by a rash, you should contact your doctor. If necessary, go to your health fund clinic or a hospital emergency room, but you must tell the staff you are coming and inform them when you arrive to prevent others from being infected. .

For further questions, contact your family doctor or the ministry’s Kol Habriut hotline at *5400. 

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