Modern Sippy Cup Designs : modern sippy cup

This modern sippy cup design by Tabor Place is at once an aesthetically pleasing option for moms and a functional alternative to plastic products. The product is called The Luca Glass Sippy Cup and the brand is founded in Greenwich, CT by a Millennial mom—so, it is easily discerned who the target demographic is.

Tabor Place’s modern sippy cup is made out of borosilicate glass (aka Pyrex), which is a super strong and durable material This ensures the longevity of the product. Of course, the material is also non-toxic, BPA and BPS-free. To add a layer of protection, Tabor Place also includes a shock-absorbing silicone sleeve that makes the product shatter-resistant. The handles on The Luca Glass Sippy Cup can be easily removed, as well.

Image Credit: Tabor Place

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