Minister for Europe calls out Russian attempts to erase Ukrainian culture, during UK-German forum for cultural co-operation


  • UK-German Cultural Commission held in London for the first time in over 30 years, hosted by the Minister for Europe, and German counterpart.
  • Minister Ghani will emphasise the importance of celebrating national culture in Europe as Russia attempts to erase Ukrainian identity.
  • Event follows the Prime Minister’s visit to Germany where he hailed the opening of a ‘new chapter’ in the UK-Germany relationship.

For the first time in 30 years, London will play host to the UK-Germany Cultural Commission today (7 May), where the Minister for Europe will open the forum by emphasising culture’s role in Russia’s war with Ukraine, through which Putin is working to erase Ukrainian cultural identity.

Minister Nusrat Ghani, herself sanctioned by Russia, will also highlight the importance of celebrating and preserving cultural heritage alongside European neighbours.

A forum established in 1958 – and revived in Germany last year – the UK-Germany Cultural Commission sets the agenda for joint cultural cooperation between the two nations.  

Joining UK and German organisations and colleagues, Minister Ghani will co-chair the event at Lancaster House with German Foreign Office Minister of State Katja Keul.

They will champion the strong links between the two countries, from language and education exchange, to this year’s European Football Championship, which will see 500,000 UK fans visiting Germany.

Minister for Europe, Nusrat Ghani said:

From football to Bauhaus, the UK and Germany are inextricably linked through our culture, and these ties help form the foundation of our close alliance.

When national identities are threatened, our culture – the customs and institutions that define us – becomes even more important.

As Russia seeks to wipe Ukrainian culture off the face of our continent, we cannot stand idly by and must stand with our partners in solidarity with Ukraine, their identity and their people.

The Commission follows the Prime Minister’s visit to Germany earlier this month, during which he declared the opening of a ‘new chapter’ in the UK-Germany relationship, and announced a strengthening of the two nations’ position against Russian aggression, as well as discussing mobility and migration with Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The forum will also see Ministers, officials, and cultural organisations – such as the Goethe Institute and British Council – discuss the promotion of German language learning in the UK, co-operation in higher education and research, the protection of cultural heritage, and the importance of mobility between the UK and Germany.

The UK and German governments will also celebrate the ongoing work to boost student exchanges between our schools, this year significantly increasing funding for UK German Connection – a bilateral organisation that facilitates youth and school exchange.

Several high-profile cultural figures with German and British connections will also be in attendance – including DCMS Minister Lord Parkinson, and illustrator of the iconic children’s book The Gruffalo, Axel Scheffler. Delegates will enjoy a performance by young poets from Saxony and Manchester, who are part of the Cultural Bridge programme.

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