Metaverse Studio Acquisitions : infinite reality landvault

Infinite Reality, a company specializing in metaverse and immersive technologies, has acquired Landvault for $450 million. This acquisition is part of a broader strategy to enhance Infinite Reality’s capabilities in creating high-fidelity virtual environments and digital twins. Landvault, known for its work with Fortune 500 companies and government organizations, brings a suite of tools and infrastructure that enable the creation, hosting, measurement, and monetization of immersive experiences. This acquisition is expected to accelerate the growth and scalability of Infinite Reality’s offerings in the 3-D internet space.

The acquisition of Landvault follows a $350 million minority investment in Infinite Reality, which has elevated the company’s valuation to $5.1 billion. This investment will be used to accelerate growth and innovation initiatives, further cementing Infinite Reality’s position as a leader in immersive platform technology and enterprise services. The integration of Landvault’s expertise and tools is anticipated to support Infinite Reality’s goal of delivering innovative spatial computing and AI-powered capabilities, enabling brands to better engage and monetize their audiences.

Image Credit: Infinite Reality

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