Metal Band-Inspired Merchandise : sleep token

The collaboration between Sleep Token and Rocksax has resulted in an exciting new collection of bags and backpacks, now exclusively available on Revolver’s shop. This collection goes beyond just bags, offering a variety of items such as wallets, drink bottles, and other carrying accessories, all featuring artwork from Sleep Token’s Take Me Back to Eden era.

The centerpiece of the collection includes a tote, a daypack, and a crossbody bag, each meticulously designed to blend functionality with style. The bags are fashionable and practical, providing ample storage space and durability for everyday use.

In addition to the bags, the collection features complementary accessories designed to enhance the overall experience. Wallets offer a stylish and convenient way to carry essentials, while drink bottles provide hydration on the move. With artwork inspired by Sleep Token’s iconic imagery, these bags and backpacks serve as a unique way for fans to showcase their love for the band while on the go.

Image Credit: Gallks

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