Met Police detain hundreds as pro-Palestinian rally turns volatile


The Metropolitan Police detained 150 pro-Palestinian protesters who deviated from the agreed route on Saturday evening, they announced in an X post. Many of the group members war face coverings and fired rockets in heavily populated areas.

The detainment was carried out as footage online shows the protests turning increasingly violent. 

UK Secretary of State Michael Gove was mobbed by pro-Palestinian protesters Saturday afternoon in a London train station, according to footage circulated by journalists online.

Gove was protected by a group of Metropolitan Police Officers as protesters attempted to swarm the Secretary of State while chanting “Shame on you!”

Police officers react during clashes with protesters and counter-protesters on the day of a demonstration in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, in London, Britain, November 11, 2023. (credit: Hannah McKay/Reuters)

Pro-Palestinian protests in London

More than 300,000 pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched through central London, with police arresting nearly 100 counter-protesters to stop them ambushing the main rally. One 


Images and videos shared online show antisemitic and terrorist imagery going untreated in the demonstrations. One such video shows a man yelling into a microphone “Khayber Khayber ya yahud jaish al Mohammed sauf yaud,” which refers to a massacre of Jews by an Islamic army.

The Hamas flag is also being worn and displayed, which violates the United Kingdom’s Terrorism Act.

Video footage has also shown a man being assaulted for holding a sign reading “October 7 genocide. Hamas ISIS.”

Skirmishes broke out between police and some groups that had also descended on the capital as the Palestinian demonstration clashed with Armistice Day, the anniversary of the end of World War One, when Britain commemorates its war dead.

Incidents continued throughout the day, with police in riot gear trying to contain protesters near the House of Commons, in train stations and in side streets, with footage showing police officers with batons working to control the crowds.

Some protesters threw bottles and metal barriers at officers in what the force described as “unacceptable violence.”

London’s Met Police said later it had arrested 82 counter-protesters in a move designed to keep the peace. Another 10 arrests were made for other offenses.

Pro-Palestinian protesters could be heard chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a rallying cry which is viewed by many Jews as antisemitic and a call for Israel’s eradication.

Others carried banners reading “Free Palestine,” “Stop the Massacre” and “Stop Bombing Gaza.”

This is a developing story.

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