Meghan Markle Prince Harry Texts Before Date


This week, Netflix released Harry & Meghan: The Limited Series, where the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle discussed a lotttt of personal things. One of those things was the story of how they met.

“Meghan and I met over Instagram. I was scrolling through my feed, and someone who was a friend had this video of the two of them — it was like a Snapchat.”

Harry then reached out to the mutual friend, who in turn reached out to Meghan and said “Prince Haz” was interested in meeting her. Eventually, Harry said, “Let’s meet.”

And because of the documentary, we got to see Harry’s first successful attempt at shooting his shot for a first date. He said this:

Meghan responded with this:

To which Harry replied with:

The two then met at 76 Dean Street, where Meghan said Prince Harry was late.

Still, the two had a great time — so much so that Meghan called him the next day and asked him to get dinner again. “And I’m sure he thought it was so forward and American,” Meghan said.

And on that date No. 2 — where Meghan was the one who was a few minutes late — they also had a great time.

“That was when it hit me. Like, ‘Ok, this girl, this woman is amazing.’ She’s everything I’ve been looking for.”

And the two have been together since. You can watch the documentary Harry & Meghan on Netflix now.

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