Mark Ruffalo, Oscar-nominated actor, draws Islamophobia accusations


Oscar-nominated actor and Avengers star Mark Ruffalo, known for his left-wing activism, has recently drawn accusations of Islamophobia following his criticism of the right-wing initiative, Project 2025, which he likened to “the Sharia Law of the ‘Christian’ crazy people,” in a post on X last week. 

The Heritage Foundation is the creator of Project 2025, a collection of right-wing policy initiatives meant to influence the American government and consolidate executive power if the next US president is Republican.

Proponents of the project, Ruffalo wrote, “aren’t Christian at all but want to control every aspect of your life through their narrow and exclusionary interpretation of Christ’s egalitarian, inclusive, and kindly teachings… Forced birth and forced religion. Trump’s American Taliban.”

Comments garner criticism

His comments drew a storm of criticism, with many accusing him of Islamophobia.

Actor Mark Ruffalo speaks at a protest against U.S. President-elect Donald Trump outside the Trump International Hotel in New York City (credit: REUTERS)

“White liberals will really not miss any opportunity to use Islam as the standard of what needs to be purged. White Christian nationalism is the founding ideology of your whole country, what the f*** do Muslims and sharia have to do with it?” wrote  political comedian Aamer Rahman.  

“Making sure you see how Islamophobic you’re being here my guy,” wrote media critic Sana Saeed. Another X user, Cinema Shogun, wrote, “Wow I had no idea Mark Ruffalo was this Islamophobic. Going to throw all of my Avengers dvds in the trash now.”

Dozens more replies to Ruffalo’s post echoed these sentiments. Since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, which followed Hamas’s massacre of more than 1200 and kidnapping of over 240 on October 7, US progressives have gone so far in their quest to delegitimize Israel and support Hamas that now even criticizing Sharia Law and the Taliban raises their ire.

While some say Sharia Law is simply a synonym for Islamic law, those who fight against gender apartheid, the laws that restrict women’s freedom in Iran and other Islamic-rule countries, would disagree. In Afghanistan, for example, following the Taliban victory in 2021, girls and women are no longer allowed to attend school, while women in Iran are forced to wear hijabs or face arrest, torture, rape, and sometimes death at the hands of the Islamic Republic security forces. Many women’s rights activists such as Masih Alinejad have criticized Westerners for defending Sharia Law. She wrote on X, that she and other women who have lived under Islamic rule “have experienced Sharia laws and we know that; raping and killing is in the DNA of Islamic states.”

But Western progressives such as those who wrote to admonish Ruffalo have found a way to see the positive side of Sharia and don’t like hearing it used as a pejorative term.  

Ruffalo, who was nominated for an Oscar this year for his performance in Poor Things, wore a pin to show opposition to the war at the Academy Awards ceremony and signed a letter from the group, Arists4ceasefire, that called on Israel to stop fighting the Islamic extremist terror group Hamas.  

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