Margulies, Bialik speak out for Israel, against antisemitism


Julianna Margulies has spoken out against the silence of Hollywood in the face of antisemitism amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The American actress, known for her roles in “The Good Wife” and “ER,” recently participated in the Variety Hollywood and Antisemitism summit, where she expressed her frustration at the lack of support from prominent Hollywood stars for the Jewish community.

Being Jewish herself, Margulies admitted to feeling disheartened by the silence and tried to understand the reasons behind it.

“I don’t understand. It’s shocking. Maybe they’re scared? It’s just crazy to me,” Margulies stated.

Margulies, who currently stars in the third season of Apple TV Plus’ “The Morning Show,” shared an incident from her previous series “ER” where she regretted not voicing her concerns regarding a cross necklace worn by a costume designer. She wondered why characters on television never wear the Star of David, and pledged to be more cautious in the future.

Margulies said she hopes that she inspires other people to come out and speak and use their voice and use their platform to draw attention to this.”


Mayim Bialik speaks out

Meanwhile, Mayim Bialik, known for her role in “The Big Bang Theory,” also criticized the lack of global support for Israel and expressed her concern about the abductions.

Bialik shared a heartfelt post on Instagram alongside a photo of herself at the Western Wall, expressing her love for Israel and the pain she feels for its people. She also expressed her outrage at the lack of unanimous global support for the swift release of the hostages taken by Hamas.

Bialik concluded her post with the hashtag “Free the hostages.”

Both Margulies and Bialik are using their platforms to advocate for the Jewish community and to highlight the issue of antisemitism. Their voices join a growing chorus calling for greater awareness and action against this form of discrimination.

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