Maple Syrup Awareness Campaigns : Bill the Maple

Maple from Canada, the brand by Québec Maple Syrup Producers, is running an interesting new campaign called ‘Bill the Maple,’ which aims to promote the superior taste of real maple syrup.

In the U.S., many people will reach for ‘table syrup’ or ‘pancake syrup’ instead of real maple syrup, often due to the cost of buying the real thing. To encourage people to make the switch to pure maple syrup, Maple from Canada is offering to reimburse consumers for any extra fee they may incur when eating out and choosing pure maple syrup instead of table syrup. The campaign is cleverly called ‘Bill the Maple,’ and the ultimate goal is to show Americans just how different (and how much better) real maple syrup is.

To take part in the promotion, simply visit your favorite breakfast. If you incur an extra for pure maple syrup, you can get your fee reimbursed now through December 30, 2023, by simply uploading a picture of your receipt with the extra charge to the Bill the Maple website.

Image Credit: Maple from Canada

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