Magnetic Stimulation Therapy Devices : miramate mini magic

The MiraMate Mini Magic is a wearable PEMF device that provides a powerful pulsed electromagnetic field of up to 200 Gauss intensity. It is designed to be intuitive, simple to use, and durable. The device can be powered by a standard 9V battery, a power adapter, or a power bank. It has three power levels and three programs to suit different needs and preferences. The device can be used for local or long-distance applications, such as improving mood, circulation, recovery, and more.

The MiraMate Mini Magic is available for purchase on the official MiraMate website for US$ 217.00 – US$ 297.00, depending on the number of coils and the power supply option. The device comes with a control unit, a coil tester, a power adapter, a velvet bag, and an optional elastic bandage for wearing. The device also has free worldwide shipping, a one-year warranty on the control unit, and three months on the applicators. The device has received positive reviews from customers who have experienced its benefits.

Image Credit: MiraMate

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