Machine Gun Kelly Recalls Cooking For Megan Fox


We’ve all been there. You try to impress the person you’ve been dating by cooking for them, but it ends up going not so good.

MGK says he had the same experience when he first tried cooking for Megan Fox.

On Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the “Candy” rapper recounted how he’d attempted to learn how to cook for her earlier in their relationship.

“Like with any relationship, you each have to come to each other’s worlds,” he said. “Like with mine, she’ll stay up till 8 a.m. while I smoke cigarettes and record music all day. With me, I always see her struggling with dietary restrictions with restaurants or food. So, I’m like maybe I’ll just learn how to cook for her. So I started taking up cooking.”

MGK said he eventually decided to put his skills to the test by making cinnamon rolls. “She was talking about that she really wanted gluten-free, coconut-free cinnamon rolls,” he said. “So I got the recipe down, I went to the store, got all the ingredients, and I’m making this huge commitment of cinnamon rolls.”

“Then I got to the part in the instructions where they were like put them on a baking sheet,” he continued. “We just moved into this new house and I didn’t get baking sheets.”

“And so I go, like, ‘Aw man! I don’t have a baking sheet!’ I’m trying to think of who my neighbors are and we just discovered a new neighbor of ours.”

Said neighbor was Michael B. Jordan, who ended up lending MGK the baking sheet he needed.

“So I made the cinnamon rolls,” he continued. “Then I presented the cinnamon rolls. They’re gluten-free, coconut-free, whatever else free, all the free. And she eats the cinnamon roll and says, ‘Wow, these are really good.’ I eat the cinnamon roll, I go, ‘This is so bad.'”

MGK said he was “so ashamed” that he actually threw the rolls away when Megan was out with the kids — something he says she’s still “upset” about to this day.

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