Luxury beauty brand L. RAPHAEL Genève launches new centers in Dubai


Beauty pioneer and Israeli businesswoman Ronit Raphael is set to launch three new branches of her international skincare brand, L. RAPHAEL Genève in Dubai, in partnership with esteemed Emirati medical institution MEDCARE. 

The partnership between L.RAPHAEL Genève and MEDCARE – which boasts a chain of four hospitals and more than 20 medical centers around Dubai and Sharjah – is intended to bring about a groundbreaking change in the world of aesthetics and cosmetics in the UAE through the beauty brand’s “Seven Elements of Beauty” philosophy, its products and MEDCARE’s flagship medical centers.

The news of the new partnership was announced by Raphael herself at the Cannes Film Festival last month, where the brand was the official beauty treatment provider, providing services to some of the biggest names in the industry including Uma Thurman, Jane Fonda and Eva Longoria.

The planned centers will cover a total of 1,000 sq.m. and are set to include between 14-20 treatment rooms staffed by doctors and dermatologists and offering treatments that combine the well-known techniques and expertise of the two partners.

The centers will also include stores at which people can purchase L. RAPHAEL Genève’s luxury products.

MEDCARE’s Wellth Center, the pioneering center for integrative medicine, introducing a new era of holistic healthcare in the Emirates. (credit: COURTESY OF MEDCARE)

Since it was founded over 12 years ago, L. RAPHAEL Genève has become an international name and an established and prestigious brand known for combining beauty, skincare and wellness with exclusive products and treatments developed by scientists in Switzerland.

A match made in heaven

The brand is known for its groundbreaking innovations based on scientific and technological developments and holistic philosophy of the seven elements of beauty. The brand’s philosophy has made it the perfect partner for MEDCARE, as in November 2022, the UAE-based health company owned by Aster DM Healthcare, unveiled ‘Wellth,’ Dubai’s pioneering center for integrative medicine, introducing a new era of holistic healthcare in the Emirates.

“We are excited about the upcoming opening in Dubai. This is the first time we will promote all seven of our foundations in one place thanks to the knowledge of hundreds of doctors and the extensive advanced infrastructure provided by MEDCARE,” said Raphael and her co-founder Dr. Raphaël Gumener of the partnership.

“Our unique skin care technologies and holistic approach will be applied in conjunction with advanced dermatology, aesthetics, plastic surgery, health and leisure methods. The new Wellth Center will include anti-aging treatments, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine and infrared treatments using the latest technologies.

“It is equally important that together with MEDCARE we share the same commitment to excellence – whether that is the best journey for our customers, the best support for our communities and our teams or overall improvement in people’s lives.” 

CEO of MEDCARE and Aster DM Healthcare Alisha Mofen, spoke about the partnership between the two companies, saying that ” Joining forces with L. RAPHAEL Genève – the science of beauty and well-being is an exciting journey for us. For years we have been examining the international beauty market in search of a visionary, trendsetter partner with whom we will share a similar holistic approach and similar values. This alliance is set to reach new heights in the UAE aesthetics industry.”

“Our unwavering commitment to improving the health and well-being of the UAE population remains steadfast, and it is with great excitement that we are now about to upgrade our services even further,” she continued. “The L. RAPHAEL-MEDCARE partnership highlights the progressive future of the health and beauty industries in Dubai, where traditional medical practice blends seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics and health philosophies.”

The Ronit Raphael Science of Beauty chain in Israel is the largest and leading aesthetics chain in Israel, with 12 branches nationwide, half a million customers and over 800,000 treatments performed in Israel and abroad over the years.

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