Luxe Aluminum Travel Trailers : Bowlus Heritage Edition

The 2023 Bowlus Heritage Edition has been debuted as a luxury trailer perfect for avid travelers to opt for when looking to bring the comforts of home on the road with them wherever they may go.

The trailer is crafted using aircraft-grade aluminum to prioritize a lightweight yet strong construction and weighs in at 2,900-pounds. The satin finish on the exterior of the trailer pays homage to the brand’s original models from the 1930s, while the interior has a full kitchen, bathroom, lounge area, dining room and more. Interested parties can also upgrade the trailer with solar panels, battery packs, air conditioning, Bluetooth monitoring, cell boosters and even 5G Starlink connectivity.

The 2023 Bowlus Heritage Edition is priced starting at $159,000 and has a hotel-style interior to accommodate discerning travelers.

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