Low-Lying Limestone-Clad Schools : fossil building

French design studio Amelia Tavella Architectes presents the Fossil Building which references the historic stones for the textured facade of the Auguste Benedict School. The idea of the exterior aims to create a structure that appears like it is emerging from the earth. Amelia Tavella tells Dezeen about the design concept, stating “My approach is to collaborate with the local nature rather than dominate it. As if emerging from the earth and then disappearing, crawling like a snake, [the building] bears the imprint of the stone, its strata, its identity.”

The Fossil Building is long and low-lying as it is along the bottom of a hill in Cabriès — it is a school for kindergarten and elementary school students. The tonal palette stems from pale tones and the textures are inspired by fossils and masonry buildings in the village. It is topped with a green roof as a means to blend into the hillside from a bird’s eye view.

Image Credit: Thibaut Dini

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