Low-Dose Cannabis Gummies : Aurora Cannabis Lil’ Bits

The Aurora Cannabis Daily Special Lil’ Bits live resin gummies are a low-dose cannabis product being launched into the Canadian market to provide consumers with a customizable option perfect for any needs.

The gummies come in Sour Grape and Sour Watermelon flavors, which each have 1mg of THC to help consumers easily dose out how much they need to start low and go slow. The product is being launched for Aurora Medical patients and retailers starting this month, and will be available according to local regulations.

Vice President of Product Development Lana Culley commented on the Aurora Cannabis Daily Special Lil’ Bits live resin gummies saying, “With the introduction of innovations like our snackable, low dose Lil’ Bits and our XL premium resin vape pens, we’re ensuring consumers and patients can find within Aurora’s family of brands superior products as they progress on their cannabis journey. The success of our Canadian innovation is applicable in key markets internationally and is receiving very positive patient feedback.”

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