L’Oréal launches Revitalift Clinical facial-care series


L’Oréal Paris executives have launched a new facial-care series, Revitalift Clinical, with the flagship ingredient vitamin C.

Executives present at the launch in Tel Aviv on Tuesday included Ilan Nacasch, director of the Consumer Products Division at L’Oréal Israel; Shai Katz, director of the Brand’s Facial Care Category; and Netta Kretso Neiger, director of communications and influencers of the L’Oréal Paris brand.

The event was held at the Anu Gallery with an atmosphere of science and Paris laboratories, including music and chef dishes. Public-opinion leaders and influencers were invited to the event, including Daniela Krista, Romi Geyor, and Tanya Lauren.

The event was opened by Nacasch, who revealed who will lead the campaign in Israel for the new care series – international singing star Camila Cabello. The campaign in Israel will be featured in the middle of July on television channels, in addition to a broad digital campaign and influencers on social networks, he said.

Statements on the special event

“The campaign starring Cabello will reveal the new series, which includes two care products – a serum containing 12% pure vitamin C and a facial lotion with vitamin C and SPF50 to protect against sun damage,” Nacasch said. “Their use to treat common skin problems – wrinkles, pores, and uneven skin tone – helps reduce pores and smooth the appearance of the skin and protect the skin from environmental damage.” 

Staff members work at a hair salon of L’Oreal in Beijing, China November 18, 2021. (credit: TINGSHU WANG/REUTERS)

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