London police make arrests in violent pro-Palestinian protest


The UK Metropolitan Police made 11 arrests in London in relation to the pro-Palestine demonstration as of Saturday evening, the police announced on X. Although they have since announced details of arrests that may or may not have been included in the initial count.

Footage circulating on social media has shown fights breaking out and fireworks being launched at police. One man can be heard yelling “slave” before a firework explodes only inches from an officer.

Police officers guard ‘The Cenotaph’ on the day of a protest in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, in London, Britain, October 28, 2023. (credit: REUTERS/Susannah Ireland)

Terror on the streets of London

The police shared footage of a 24-year-old man that they arrested on suspicion of a racially aggravated offense.

The footage shows the main telling a crowd, “we saw what the resistance [Hamas] can do when they take the fight and their self-determination in their own hands. This has been the biggest blow to Zionism that we have seen in our lifetime.

“We know what we think about it, do we know what the so-called Labour progressives think about it? They condemned it as terrorism. That is what their ceasefire says. They have called the Palestinians, the colonized, the oppressed, terrorists.”     

In another clip, which the Jerusalem Post was unable to verify as having been recorded today, a man was assaulted at the protest for holding a placard reading “Hamas is terrorist.”

Hamas is a registered terrorist organization in the United Kingdom, and support for the group can lead to a 14 year prison sentence under the UK’s Terrorism Act.

What actions are the police taking? 

In an attempt to calm the quickly evolving situation, the police have installed a Section 35 Dispersal Order to remove the crowds from Trafalgar Square.

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