Lightweight Outdoor Furniture Stores : Outdoor Furniture Store

Helinox, a brand renowned for its lightweight and portable outdoor furniture, has launched its first European outdoor furniture store.

HCC Paris is situated in the Marais District and the brick-and-mortar establishment marks a significant expansion for the brand. The destination provides a platform for Helinox to showcase its extensive collection and collaborations. The opening coincides with Helinox’s 15th Anniversary and features a special collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara, resulting in the Helinox x Fragment Design limited edition collection.

At the outdoor furniture store, customers can explore a wide array of Helinox products including chairs, tables, cots, shades, accessories, and the TERG by Helinox line. The availability of exclusive collaborations and limited edition collections adds allure, catering to enthusiasts seeking unique and stylish outdoor solutions. Beyond retail, the store aims to foster community engagement by hosting events, featuring artists, and organizing various activities.

Image Credit: Helinox

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