Licensed Android Controllers : backbone one playstation

‘Backbone,’ a consumer electronics company specializing in mobile gaming hardware and software, recently released the ‘Backbone One PlayStation Edition’ for Android devices. The company previously offered a special Playstation-themed controller for iPhone products, but only a standard-style controller for Android.

The Backbone One PlayStation for Android is a Sony-licensed product that is the only bumper controller for mobile devices to be recognized as an official Sony DualSense controller when plugged into the device. This means users can play PS Remote Play from anywhere on their Android phone, provided they have a stable internet connection. Additionally, as the controller is recognized as an official DualSense controller, it will work with many more games than alternatives that are recognized as simple X-Input or D-Input controllers.

The Backbone One PlayStation for Android is available now at an MSRP of $139.99 CAD.

Image Credit: Backbone

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