Libya has vast potential but its future prosperity depends on political stability: UK statement at the UN Security Council


I’d like to make four points this morning.

First, the United Kingdom welcomes the announcement by the Libyan High National Election Commission on 9 June that they have opened voter registration for municipal elections in 60 municipalities. We urge Libya’s leaders to provide the necessary support, including through cooperation with and funding to the HNEC, to enable the successful delivery of these elections and allow Libyans to exercise their democratic rights.  

Second, the United Kingdom is concerned about the growing humanitarian crisis in Kufra, which is receiving increasing numbers of refugees fleeing the brutal war in Sudan. Reports of child malnutrition and lack of medical facilities are of particular concern. We call on the Libyan authorities to prioritise these urgent humanitarian needs and facilitate access for UN agencies and international NGOs.

Third, the continued closure of civic space and human rights violations threaten Libya’s stability and its future as an inclusive democracy. As Deputy SRSG Koury said: the status quo is not sustainable. Reports of enforced disappearances, torture, and unlawful imprisonment are of utmost concern. We urge the Libyan authorities to uphold the rule of law and prevent violations from being carried out with impunity.

Fourth, we note that the Panel of Experts continues to describe the arms embargo on Libya as totally ineffective because Member States are providing military support to parties to the conflict, controlling supply chains, and ignoring their obligations under Council resolutions. These actions expose the vested interests of certain Member States and confirm to the international community, and to Libya, that they are not committed to Libyan sovereignty, prosperity, or security.

To conclude, President, the United Kingdom will continue to support UNSMIL and encourage Libya’s leaders to engage with UNSMIL in good faith and compromise. We look forward to the appointment of a new Special Representative of the Secretary-General, and we encourage members of the Council to give the Secretary-General their full support in this regard, to help facilitate progress under UN auspices.

President, as I saw on my visit last year, Libya has vast potential but its future prosperity depends on a political stability in a united country with transparent and accountable institutions. A political settlement can unlock this potential.

Thank you.

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