Liam Payne On Backlash Over One Direction Comment


ICYMI: The “Drag Me Down” singer sparked controversy earlier this year, when he went on the Impaulsive podcast and made a series of shady comments about the group.

Liam said, among other things, that he disliked Zayn for “many reasons,” that he’d “outsold” everyone when they went solo, and even that the band had been created around him.

Liam says now that he was going through something personal at the time — and that he had unfairly taken it out on his former bandmates.

“I got quite dark for me for one point when you guys turned on me,” he wrote in an Instagram comment to a fan this weekend (via the Huff Post). “I didn’t leave the house for three months.”

“I’m sorry about all that stuff,” he continued. “I love my boys. Not sure what was going on with me other than I had a problem with me, and I took it out on everyone else.”

“Never had a bigger chip on my shoulder, and I’m really glad to lose it,” Liam continued, before asking fans for their grace. “I’m hoping that you guys can forgive me in time because we’ve been through far too much — but the jokes are funny, keep ’em coming.”

So far, his former bandmates have not commented publicly on his post, but we’ll let you know if they do!

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