Levitating Firefighting Robots : firefighting robot

A team of innovatively minded scientists and engineers over at Akita Prefectual University in Japan have created a firefighting robot that is designed to be able to effectively levitate in the air and spray water onto fires from a safe distance.

Appropriately and brilliantly dubbed the ‘flying dragon,’ this particular firefighting robot is fitted with a pair of propulsion systems, one of which is located at the tail-end of the hose and the other a few meters away. This system allows for the hoses to be able to float, re-direct and aim in ways that are not dissimilar to the way drones can move. Currently in prototype phase, this firefighting robot is controlled by a human operator who can use a camera to aim and point the house and direct water to where it’s required.

Currently in an introductory prototype phase, it is estimated that several more years of development and fine-tuning will be required in order to make this floating firefighting robot viable for use in the real world.

Image Credit: Akita Prefectual University

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