Lakers owner Jeanie Buss gets engaged to longtime boyfriend


The Lakers are struggling through a rough season, but one member of the team is getting a ring.

Jeanie Buss got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Jay Mohr, who she’s been seeing since at least 2017. Mohr is a comedian and actor who has remained sports-adjacent throughout his career, whether it was playing slimy agent Bob Sugar in “Jerry Maguire”, hosting his own call-in show on Fox Sports through 2017, and his short-lived ESPN show “Mohr Sports” — the show’s website is still preserved like a time capsule.

He and Jeanie have also posed with former Lakers wearing matching jerseys.

Previously, Buss had a 17-year relationship with former Lakers coach Phil Jackson, which ended in 2016. Buss blames her brother for the breakup, because he hired Mike D’Antoni as head coach instead of Jackson in the fall of 2012. Jackson subsequently took a job running the New York Knicks, and the long-distance relationship proved to be unworkable.

While Mohr has always been interested in the world sports, Buss is also involved in the world of comedy, dabbling in standup in the L.A. area and sold a workplace comedy about an NBA front office to Netflix, in partnership with Mindy Kaling.

Mohr was previously married to actress Nikki Cox, and they divorced in 2018. But nearly everyone on this year’s Lakers broke up with their old team, and peaked professionally years ago, so he’s the perfect partner for a Lakers owner in 2022.

Terms of the engagement have not been disclosed, but don’t expect an opt-out clause.

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