Julia Roberts Wore A Dress Covered In Pictures Of George Clooney


We all know George Clooney and Julia Roberts are like BFFAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAE.

They are big stars. Huge.

And George was recently one of the honorees at The Kennedy Center Honors. I don’t really even know what that entails, but he does wear this rainbow necklace thing for the occasion.

Anywho, his bestie Julia Roberts showed up to the event in the only appropriate attire: a dress covered with framed photos of the man himself, George Clooney.


Included was a pic of George during his ER days.

An oldie of him holding a hammer.

Another one from the long-haired days.

And, of course, one of the two of them.

Who was she wearing you ask? Shutterstock!

Never change, you crazy kids!!!

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