JetZero’s Blended Wing demonstrator just cleared for Test Flights


Blended Wing demonstrator.  JetZero

JetZero’s 1:8 scale Blended Wing demonstrator just cleared for test flights over Edwards Air Force Base in California.

JetZero, a California-based aerospace company, just got the green light from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its Pathfinder demonstrator.

The new design, which prioritizes aerodynamics and makes everything a lifting surface, significantly improves fuel efficiency and could use 50% less fuel compared to standard jets.

Furthermore, the blended wing layout offers more space for both cargo and passengers, addressing the discomfort often experienced during long flights.

JetZero’s collaboration with the US Air Force, NASA, and the FAA aims to have its blended-wing airliner operational by 2030. With an Air Force contract secured, the company plans to have a prototype ready by 2027.

JetZero's Blended Wing demonstrator Blended Wing demonstrator.  JetZero

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