Jets don’t intend to trade QB Zach Wilson just yet


The New York Jets might not be ready to give up on quarterback Zach Wilson just yet. 

The Athletic’s Jeff Howe wrote on Saturday that even though the team is in the market for a veteran starting quarterback this offseason, the team does not intend to trade Wilson, the No. 2 overall pick from the 2021 draft, with the hopes that he can continue to learn and develop as a backup. 

That is certainly a nice thought from the Jets, but the more likely answer is that the Jets know there is probably almost no market for Wilson in terms of a trade. In two years, he has thrown only 15 touchdowns to 18 interceptions, while his 70.9 passer rating is one of the worst in the NFL during that stretch. He not only showed no signs of improvement in year two, but he also seemed to regress significantly. Who is going to give up anything more than a late-round pick for that?

For as much as he struggled during the 2022 season, and for as bad as he looked at times, they still made a huge investment in him, and he has still only played a handful of games in the NFL.

As bad those games have been, the Jets are probably not ready to just give him away since they used such a high pick on him. He still has a fairly cheap contract given that he remains on his rookie deal. 

The 2022 season was a brutal one for Wilson as he battled through injury, ineffective play and showed some major signs of immaturity that rubbed players and the organization the wrong way. 

When he lost his starting job late in the season it seemed inevitable that his time with the Jets would be over sooner rather than later. He might eventually end up leaving New York, and there seems to be little chance of him entering the 2023 season as the starting quarterback, but he at least seems to be a part of their plans for now. 

Maybe not out of want, but perhaps out of necessity. 

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