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Ukiyo Spirits, the iconic Japanese gin brand by Drinksology Kirker Greer, is launching its latest expression, Ukiyo Tokyo Dry Gin. This premium quality, uniquely crafted gin embraces Japanese botanicals like yuzu peel, mikan peel, sakura flower, sakura leaf, and sansho pepper, distilled in copper pot stills.

The chosen ingredients represent Japan’s unique flavors and diverse landscape, delivering an elegant and delicately aromatic classic dry gin with warm citrus and spice notes and a smooth finish. Alongside traditional botanicals like juniper, pepper, coriander, and lemon peel, Ukiyo Tokyo Dry Gin presents a delicious profile featuring juniper, pine, spice, menthol, and herbal notes, complemented by citrus, coriander, and anise undertones.

“Tokyo Dry Gin is beautifully presented in Ukiyo’s iconic two-colour graduated bottle, a world-first design offering a stylish and uniquely Japanese aesthetic that reflects Ukiyo’s home by mirroring the mountains and oceans of Japan,” said Ali Pickering, chief marketing officer at Drinksology.

Image Credit: Ukiyo Spirits

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