Israel’s Economic Resilience: Anat Katz’s Insights at the Jerusalem Post


Anat Katz, Head of the Government of Israel Economic Mission in New York, delivered an address during the Jerusalem Post 2024 Annual Conference. Her focus on the economy’s vital role in stability resonated amidst a lineup of esteemed speakers, offering a grounded perspective on Israel’s economic landscape.

Katz emphasized the crucial link between a robust economy and citizens’ livelihoods, echoing sentiments shared earlier. She highlighted her mission’s role in facilitating collaborations between Israeli startups and American corporations, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.Referencing Israel’s historical resilience in the face of adversity, Katz underscored its ability to rebound swiftly from crises. Despite security challenges and global economic downturns, Israel consistently bounced back, demonstrating resilience and adaptability.

Katz showcased Israel’s rapid recovery from the shocks of 2023, particularly in early-stage startup investments. With investments reaching pre-COVID levels in the first quarter of 2024, Israel’s innovation ecosystem displayed enduring appeal to investors.

The establishment of scouting entities by leading venture capital firms like Sequoia and Greylock Partners further emphasized Israel’s attractiveness as a hub for innovation. Katz’s mention of Greylock Partners, renowned for prescient investments in tech giants, highlighted investors’ recognition of Israeli talent.Katz concluded by extending an invitation to investors and partners, emphasizing Israel’s readiness for business. Stressing the mutual benefits of investment and partnership, she portrayed supporting Israel’s economy as a sound business decision.

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