Israeli cohort rushes in advanced medical equipment to front lines


A coalition of Israeli organizations and companies, in collaboration with the IDF and Israel’s Health Ministry, is expeditiously importing and distributing advanced point-of-care medical equipment into Israel to address the nation’s urgent medical needs resulting from the Hamas terrorist organization’s deadly shock attack on October 7.

The initiative is led by Rachashei Lev, a non-profit organization that typically focuses on supporting cancer patients, in conjunction with Elron Ventures and Accelmed, both well-established firms in the field of medical devices and digital health technologies, and is being supported by direct contributions from these companies, as well as the Jewish community and global supporters of Israel.

Wounded people from the rockslide scene in Ein Gedi nature reserve, arrive to the Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva, southern Israel, August 24, 2023. Photo by Flash90
Dr. Ohad Etzion, who serves at Soroka University Medical Center and is a former Captain in the IDF Medical Corps, underscored the importance of the mission. “Our mission is to address the unmet need of providing cutting-edge, life-saving medical equipment to emergency medical teams,” he said. “This equipment ensures the preservation of the lives of soldiers injured in the battlefield and of injured civilians [and] saves lives by augmenting the diagnostic and management capabilities of medical teams in combat zones.

He explained that in order to identify these pressing requirements, a comprehensive survey of over 500 battlefield physicians affiliated with the IDF Medical Corps was carried out. Their collective expertise provided a deep understanding of the exact needs on the ground, helping shape the response to effectively address the medical challenges faced by emergency personnel in these high-stress environments.

Shimi Geshayed, CEO of Rachashei Lev, expressed satisfaction with the coalition’s results so far. “We are proud of our friends who, together, are leading the life-saving hi-tech medical response,” he said, adding that they have already delivered dozens of point of care ultrasound and advanced vital signal monitoring devices to the front lines. “The more field operators experience these capabilities, the greater the demand.”

For those interested in supporting the initiative directly, more information can be found on Rachashei Lev’s website. 

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