Israeli banks offer services to NGOs that cause harm to IDF – influencer


There have been numerous instances in the past where the public has been taken aback by revelations about various banks. Typically, these revelations come from journalists and news outlets. However, this time, it was an unexpected source.

On her Instagram account, influencer Einav Booblil disclosed that the B’Tselem organization maintains a bank account with Discount Bank. She called on Discount Bank to close the B’Tselem organization’s account, where donations are funneled with the intention of causing significant harm to Israel and IDF soldiers.

Booblil continued her campaign by urging her followers to visit the bank’s Instagram page and send messages about this issue. She emphasized, “Together, we are stronger!” Shortly after, Booblil received a private message from an anonymous Discount Bank employee who expressed that the bank would only take action if this issue gained substantial attention online and harmed its image.

Booblil questioned if a mass exodus of customers from Discount Bank might prompt action, asserting that the money donated to B’Tselem is causing irreparable damage to their country.

Discount: We are required to serve nonprofits who harm Israel, the IDF

But the story didn’t end there. Following the publication of her Instagram story, Discount reached out to Booblil and clarified that the responsibility did not lie with them. They explained, “Discount Bank has been operating around the clock since Saturday, October 7, in Israel and abroad to assist residents in the South, security and rescue forces, and IDF soldiers. We are obligated to provide banking services in accordance with the law. If there are suspicions of illegal fund usage, we will act according to the law.”

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Booblil highlighted that Israeli banks are mandated to provide service to every customer, even nonprofit organizations that may tarnish the image of Israel and IDF soldiers. She directed her concerns towards the state, stating, “Discount Bank is not to blame. The state is.”

Another follower, who works at the Bank of Israel, responded to Booblil’s request, saying, “Hi Einav, I work at the Bank of Israel in the supervision of banks. Thanks to your story, I raised this important issue in a meeting with relevant parties. It is currently under review. Thank you for addressing these critical issues.”

Bublil concluded by acknowledging the power of advertising on Instagram, emphasizing that they will not support those who betray their country. She commended the Bank of Israel for taking the matter seriously and urged them to continue their efforts.

The B’Tselem organization operates in the West Bank and aims to end Israel’s alleged occupation of the Palestinians, ensuring human rights, democracy, freedom, and equality for all Palestinian and Israeli people. The organization seeks to expose injustice, violence, and expropriation, challenging the legitimacy of the occupation regime.

Recently, social media users organized to report the organization’s page on Instagram, resulting in its temporary suspension due to mass reporting and advocacy efforts.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing turmoil in Ashkelon, where Booblil and her family reside, she shared her experiences of living in a city frequently under fire. She expressed her concerns for her children and the challenging situation they face.

On October 7, Booblil tragically lost her uncle, Roni, who had been a dedicated soldier and hero in Israel’s wars. He was killed alongside his wife and son.

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