Israel ranks low on Global Sexual Permissiveness Index


According to an analysis conducted by NapLab, a company specializing in mattresses, Israel ranks 33 out of 45 countries on the Global Permissiveness Index.

The index measures a country’s level of sexual permissiveness based on factors such as the average age of virginity loss, number of sexual partners, prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, acceptance of premarital sex, legality of prostitution, and criminalization of premarital sex.

Rankings are not scientific

Although these rankings should be taken with a grain of salt since they were not published by a scientific organization, they offer some insights into different countries’ attitudes toward sexuality. In terms of virginity loss, Israel’s average age is 16.7, while the country’s inhabitants have an average of 10.6 sexual partners throughout their lives.

The rate of sexually transmitted diseases in Israel is relatively low, standing at 9,455 cases per 100,000 people. However, only 58% of the population believes that premarital sex is morally acceptable, compared to France, where 94% of the public supports this view.

Australia tops the list

It is interesting to note that Australia tops the list as the most sexually promiscuous country, followed by Brazil and Greece.

These countries exhibit higher levels of sexual openness, with Australia having the most sexually active population, Brazil losing their virginity at an average age of 17.4, and Greece boasting a high number of sexual partners. On the other end of the spectrum, India ranks as the least promiscuous country, with low rates of sexually transmitted diseases, the highest age of virginity loss (22.9), and the fewest lifetime sexual partners (only three on average).

(credit: Naplab, official site)

A glimpse into Israel’s cultural attitude towards sex

While the rankings provide some entertainment value, it is essential to remember that they are not scientifically rigorous. However, they do offer a glimpse into cultural attitudes towards sex. In the case of Israel, the conservative stance on sexuality is evident, placing it in the lower part of the ranking. Nonetheless, it is important to recognize that individuals’ sexual behavior and attitudes may differ from societal norms, and these rankings may not reflect the entire population’s views.


Please note that the rankings and data presented in this article should be taken with caution and viewed as an interesting conversation starter rather than definitive truths.

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