Israel Insurance Association: Chair Gabbai and Maimon shift


Israel Insurance Association witnessed a significant change in its leadership team on Tuesday: Certified Public Accountant Benjamin Gabbay, previously known for his impactful role as the chairman of Phoenix Insurance, has now stepped into the limelight as the Association’s new chairman. This move marks a pivotal shift as he takes over the reins from Yair Hamburg, the former chairman of Harel Investments, who has commendably served the association for seven years.

This leadership change does not stop at the top. In another strategic move, Attorney Israel Maimon has been appointed the new CEO of the Association of Insurance Companies. Maimon’s appointment follows the eight-year tenure of Dr. Guy Rotkopf, whose leadership has been a cornerstone for the association’s achievements in recent years.

A cornerstone for the association’s achievements

The formal event announcing these significant changes was held at the Association’s offices in the bustling business district of Ramat Gan. The ceremony was graced by Amit Gal, the Acting Commissioner for the Capital Market, Insurance, and Savings, alongside various luminaries and heads of insurance companies.

Maimon, a former IDF Golani Brigade commander and partner at a Tel Aviv law firm, played a significant public service role as the Cabinet Secretary under Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and continued under Ehud Olmert. He later became president & CEO of Israel Bonds, generating over $8 billion in worldwide sales. He was instrumental in numerous initiatives, including digital marketing strategies and leadership programs, ultimately founding Blue and White Capital in New York.

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