‘Israel Earth Prize’: Win a million shekels for environmental innovation


Creative individuals with innovative and feasible ideas for promoting environmental excellence and responsibility are eligible to win a million shekels from Toyota.

The “Israel Earth Prize” by Union Motors, the Toyota importer in Israel, and the Union Group was introduced in Israel last year and is being initiated again this year.

Prizes are available for initiatives in several areas: Energy and climate, education, awareness and behavior change, carbon reduction, conservation and management of natural resources, sustainable transportation, climate crisis management, waste management and circular economy, urban sustainability, sustainable fashion, and sustainable food.

Creating environmental initiatives in Israel

According to the company, the aim is to promote environmental initiatives in Israel for a better world. The companies have committed to funding the prize for five years. Each year, a new solution will be awarded money for a solution that can “make our environment greener, more sustainable, and that is capable of creating lasting positive change,” they said. 

The judges’ committee comprises experts in various fields, including environmental and climate sciences, green economics and circular economy, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and research.

Last year, more than 200 companies and organizations applied for the prize. The winner was Venatata for its project to establish 100 therapeutic gardens In 100 rehabilitation centers.

The competition is open to entrepreneurs, NGOs, start-ups and corporations. The deadline for submission is October 1.

The prize is part of the more extensive “Toyota Good Wheel” program promoting environmental action.

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