Ireland’s Eurovision contestant ‘cried’ over Israel going to grand final


Bambie Thug, Ireland’s Eurovision competitor for 2024, announced during an interview that they had cried upon learning that Israel’s Eden Golan had made it through to the grand final, according to multiple media reports on Friday. 

“I cried with my team,” Bambie said after an interviewer asked how she felt about Golan’s success.

“It is a complete overshadow of everything, goes against everything that Eurovision is meant to be,” the controversial singer added. “It’s a big, big community together and their contestant was never allowed to even meet us.

“God forbid we have some conversation where minds might be changed.

“It’s definitely putting a cloud above it for everyone.”

Eden Golan representing Israel performs on stage during the rehearsal of the second semi-final of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, in Malmo, Sweden, May 8, 2024. (credit: LEONHARD FOEGER / REUTERS)

Concerns Ireland will lose to Israel because of boycotts

Bambie has been a vocal critic of Israel and its participation in the competition, wearing a Palestinian Keffiyeh during interviews. Wearing the Keffiyeh scarf is reportedly often used to indicate support for Gaza and Palestinian statehood.

They also said that they were concerned that boycotts of Eurovision over Israel’s participation, could cost Ireland votes, the Independent reported.

“I am fearful that we will miss a lot of votes because of the boycotting and that those then will make someone else maybe more with the chance to win,” they said. “But there are 200 million viewers and I think that, regardless, our performance stands out and it’s undeniable how theatrical … a moment that is.”

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